FISHING WITH LEADERS: One of the best fishing line set-ups is using a leader, which is a length of fishing line that attaches to the main line at one end and the bait, hook, or lure at the other end. The Quickwater Attachment board & Pouch is an excellent fishing storage solution. It is very compact, waterproof and custom designed with unique properties for SIMPLY MORE FISHING. I think we’ve done a good job explaining exactly how easy it is to use, and I know you will be very pleased. Features of Our Tackle Boards
• Our Tackle Boards are synthetic, waterproof, and highly scuff and tear resistant.
• They are designed to hold your fishing tackle, leader line and line ends securely.
• QuickWater provides convenient storage and is an effective method for keeping your tackle compact and tangle free.
CUSTOM ZIPLOCK Storage & Tackle Board For All Fishing Hookups #1 Storage for Fishing
Leader lines, artificial Baits,
hooks and Lures.